E3 2016!

I’m not there, no. Still in Austin, working hard on a very cool project, but keeping my eyes and ears open to the noise in LA.

We got together in the theater room yesterday with a popcorn machine and watched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild revealed to the world. It was great fun, when YouTube cooperated. This could be the Zelda game I’ve always wanted.

Sunday evening I curled up on the couch with my macbook and the Bethesda conference. After the reveal of Prey and dear friend Harvey Smith showing off more Dishonored 2, I was quickly off to Amazon for some preorders. My current favorite game, Fallout 4, got some exciting new cool stuff too! I can’t wait to build my own vault! With all this love, who’s gonna have time to play Skyrim yet again? Who am I kidding, I’ll find time.

Horizon: Zero Dawn looks fan-freaking-tastic, but man that name just means nothing to me. Someone on a forum said “sounds like something a video game name generator would spit out” — I totally agree.

Lots more amazing stuff being shown. It’s a great time to love video games.

Lastly, let me mention some music I’ve been listening to:

Audion – Alpha — Matthew Dear returns after a 10-year hiatus to his techno persona with a new album that is really working for me. It always makes me want to fire up my Elektron boxes.

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman — My toddler, when exposed to random music video selections on YouTube, responded well to Ariana Grande’s Focus video (ahem, um, who wouldn’t?) which got me listening to her more as pop music production research. There are some legit good tracks on here like Let Me Love You.

Astronautica -Gemini — Awesome production by one-woman-band Edrina K. Martinez. So far she’s my favorite artist coming out of the LA beat scene since Flying Lotus.

Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book — For a heathen like me to enjoy such a gospel-inspired album says a lot I think. Wow this album is textured and will take time to soak up. Smoke Break is a fav.

Game Developers Conference 2016

Hi! I will be at GDC 2016 all week long. I’m aiming to, of course, meet up with all of my dear friends and get pleasantly and responsibly sauced – the kind with all the hugs and smiles. But this year I also want to make myself available to up-and-coming sound designers / game audio heroes who might want to spend a little time with an experienced person who’s been in the trenches, who’s been involved in reviewing portfolios for hiring and outsourcing, who’s worked with many different companies in many different capacities. If it means hearing a demo and giving feedback or just answering questions and having a laugh, I’m all for it. Likely you found me already on Twitter if you’re interested, but if somehow you missed me there, just tweet at me and we’ll talk.

I now work at Retro Studios

After working on three games (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) for them as a mere contract sound designer and integrator, Retro has finally made an honest man out of me. My first day as a full-time employee was on my birthday, Oct 27, 2015. This means I hang my hat as an audio contractor. I’m happy to free up a spot at GL33k for a new bright-eyed and fresh-faced sound designer to learn the ropes and build their own career up from scratch. I’m also proud of the amazing titles I’ve been privileged to work on in the 9 years I spent working for Matt. Not many get to say their first game was a Metroid game for Nintendo, that they worked on games like Donkey Kong, Guitar Hero, Quake, Halo, Tony Hawk and featuring properties like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Batman.

And after all that, I work at Nintendo. The dreams of an NES-obsessed 3rd grader come true. I hope I can make the best of it, maybe even create something at Nintendo that inspires another 3rd-grader to dream big.